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Turkey Tacos

When Cinco De Mayo came around, I really wanted some delicious Mexican food. I may not have had delicious flour tortillas with quest smothered on top, but I must say this was amazingly satisfying and hit the spot for Cinco De Mayo celebrations!

These are clean and simple to make, and that avocado-cilantro dressing with the addition of some fresh radishes tops it all off.

On the elimination diet it's hard feel feel like there's much flavor in your food when you have such a limited amount of ingredients.

What I've noticed in creating some of these recipes is to make sure I'm utilizing every ingredient I can to make it just as satisfying as a normal dish.

The elimination diet is extremely hard to follow as well if you're not finding recipes that satisfy that craving that you're seeking.

To start off this recipe you'll brown a pound of ground turkey until golden brown. You can also use beef, chicken or even tofu for this recipe as well!

After browning the meat, you'll keep all those juices in the pan when you sauté the sweet potatoes.

You'll want to cook the sweet potatoes until they are JUST done, because you'll be adding your baby greens of choice in at that point and you don't want your sweet potatoes to end up mushy. Once they are ready you can add a bit more oil and start adding the greens in in small batches until they've cooked all the way down. I've used arugula and spinach and they both taste great!

When the sweet potatoes and greens are done, you'll add the turkey back in the same pan and top with the scallions, making sure to leave some to garnish once you make your taco.

The dressing is simple and FLAVORFUL, so a little goes a long way!

I did place some additional ingredients on the recipe that have asterisks, and that is for people that aren't following the strict elimination diet. Especially during phase 1 of the elimination diet, the use of spices, gluten, dairy are not allowed. This is primarily to make sure your body detoxes from these groups to make sure that when you slowly reintroduce these foods you can find the culprit to some of your digestive issues.

I hope you enjoy these tacos as much as we did, and like always, send any questions or recipes suggestions, I'd love to try a challenge!

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