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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

So, I have a secret...

Some would say it's almost traitorous of me to do this...but I'm sharing a family recipe.

For those that bake bread and feel comfortable with it, this recipe will be familiar or even easy.

For people first starting out (like I was at one time) the words on the original recipe card said "add enough flour until it feels right.'


So after multiple requests, I have finally written down this recipe and have added it to our family cookbook and figured you all should be able to have the privilege to make these awesome Pecan Sweet Rolls as well. Because after all, it's two days after the election, so if anything is uncertain it definitely shouldn't be what you're having for dessert.

I modified this family favorite, but the basis is the same. Any type of bread smothered in a gooey filling of brown sugar, butter and pecans should be shared.

These rolls are a family favorite, and I tried to make the recipe as straightforward as possible.

The main things you learn when bread making are VITAL though-

  1. Make sure your yeast is FRESH and the water is LESS than 110 degrees F or it will kill your proofing process. .

  2. Just because a recipe calls for 8 cups of flour, does NOT mean you only use 8 cups. Each time you make bread the moisture in the flour varies depending on brand, how much protein is in the flour, humidity and even how it is stored.

  3. Always use less flour when starting out, because you can never take away flour! Think of it like salt when cooking.

There are MANY more tips and tricks when baking bread, but all I can say is that it takes time, practice and more practice until you finally feel comfortable making homemade bread.

If you ever have questions, please leave a comment or reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram! I'm more than happy to help or research something for you if I don't know the answer.

Happy baking, y'all!

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