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Penne Chicken Alfredo

Here in Texas, I’m pretty sure summer temps make up 8 out of our 12 months. Whenever we get a nice rainy and cooler summer day, I am instantly in the mood for some comfort food.

Im a sucker for Alfredo sauce, it’s definitely my go to when eating out anywhere Italian! What I always dislike the most though is when I get home with my cheese ravioli with Alfredo sauce leftovers (I know, its cheese on cheese 😋). It’s not that it isn’t just as delicious as it was before, but the consistency of the sauce is all separated and not as creamy.

CREAM CHEESE. Cream cheese makes this Alfredo creamy two days later in your leftovers. 🙌🏼

Now this isn’t considered super lean and healthy, but one thing I do incorporate to make me feel not so bad about my obsession with dairy, is using Banza penne noodles. This brand is amazing for a gluten free, vegan, high protein option! It has enough protein that technically you don’t even need chicken, but we are big meat eaters and add it as well. Chick pea pasta can fall apart when cooked too long, so i highly suggest undercooking to al dente so it does not fall apart when folding all the ingredients together.

I also use skinless less chicken thighs because I find they hold moisture better than white meat, but feel free to try out either!

We love to try new gluten free alternatives, and I love trying them even more when I get good deals on them. Recently the app Ibotta has had Banza pasta in their rebate gallery and I'm loving it! I get a dollar back on the pasta when I purchase it! I've saved over $250 since I've started, so I'm a happy customer. :)

Bon Appetit!

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions, I love to see how everyone changes their recipes up!


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