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Laundry Detergent : Chemical-Free

Over the past 5 years we've tried to reduce the amount of chemicals we allow in our home.

From toothpaste to skin care and supplements...but my most thankful switch so far has definitely been LAUNDRY DETERGENT. This recipe I will share with you is not only an incredibly safe and effective switch, but it is also CHEAP.

Are you aware there are a TON of chemicals in your laundry detergent that you may be using from the store?

Don't believe me? Check out The Environmental Working Group's website for yourself. Go ahead, type/search for any household cleaners you may be using currently!

When I was looking for a gentle and easy detergent to wash all of my newborn's clothes in, I was told Dreft was the BEST for babies on their delicate newborn skin.

Here's the rating for this popular and frequently bought newborn baby detergent...

It got an F.

It is specifically marketed for your NEWBORN baby. A baby just days, even minutes old...

On Dreft's product page they even state, "This product contains one or more of the ingredients that appear on designated government lists." Do you know what ingredients are on this 'list'?

"EU CMRs. Chemicals classified by the European Union as carcinogens, mutagens, and/or reproductive toxicants in Category 1A and 1B..."

Want to know what is also disturbing?

It's "Features & Benefits" list this product as being=

  1. #1 Choice of Pediatricians

  2. Specifically formulated for newborn babies.

  3. Hypoallergenic

  4. Trusted by mom for over 80 years

  5. Recommended by Pampers

I hope you're on the same page with me now...

Because something is marketed a certain way does NOT mean it is safe and healthy for you, and especially for your newborn infant.

Being a nurse taught me a lot about researching and making informed decisions...being a MOM has taught me not to believe everything I'm told.

It's simple. We want the best for our children and loved ones.

I don't make money or get free samples from anything off of me blogging information.

I SOLELY do blogs like this in hopes to help inform and open the eyes of others.

This laundry detergent takes me less than 10 minutes to make, makes over 75 loads for one batch of this recipe, and costs LESS than $30 to get the supplies (that will then last you at least ANOTHER 3 rounds of being able to make this recipe with the supplies you already have on hand).

SO..let's do the math. For less than $30 you get FOUR batches of laundry detergent that are chemical-free and safe.

That is 300 loads of laundry for the whopping price of $0.10 a load.


For 1 gallon of Dreft at $34.95, you only get 96 loads. So if you wanted around 300'd have to pay $104.85. That is $0.35 a load.

-Insert mind-blown emoji here-

Here's the ingredient breakdown (feel free to enter these enter these in the Environmental Wellness Group's website as well!


Super Washing Soda ($4.12): This is a highly alkaline substance, which means it can boost the effectiveness of laundry detergent especially in areas with hard water.

-1 55oz box can be used 13 times for this recipe.

Baking Soda ($0.85): Sodium Bicarbonate is also a detergent booster. It helps soften clothes, keeps them bright, and keeps odors away!

- 1 pound box can be used 4 times for this recipe.

Castile Soap ($15.99): This natural soap is made from plant oils. It’s sensitive on skin, biodegradable, and earth friendly. It has SO many more uses than just laundry detergent. We actually buy it and use it in the shower/baths for the kids. It lasts a LONG time!

-1 32 oz container can be used 8 times for this recipe.

Essential Oils (price varies on what oils)Oils can provide your laundry with delicious smelling scents, but also can have calming properties as well. I use lavender, citrus and the theives blend from Young Living. Other essential oils to add that have relaxing properties: orange, tangerine, grapefruit, jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang. Tea Tree also has antimicrobial benefits as well!

-The link above takes you to a list of reputable essential oils.


Can you use it in a High Efficiency washer?

-I have used this laundry recipe for 5 years with NO problem. My washer works the exact same as the day it was purchased.

I heard homemade detergent ruins your clothes...

-Once again, 5 years! 5 years I have used this recipe and our clothes are in great condition. I have not had one complaint regarding our clothes due to this laundry detergent.



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