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Calm Amongst The Fear

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


Have y'all seen the news lately?

Yeah, me either...

I finally turned it on after I took my kids to IKEA to lick all the furniture in the room models and then we went to Golden Corral and enjoyed a buffet with everyone else that needed out of the house and enjoy a community chocolate fountain.

JUST KIDDING! My Mom is probably have a stroke right about now...SORRY MOM!

This is a crazy and uncertain time for all of us, but it doesn't mean we have to live in a state of fear (and boredom for most of you!)

We have kids out of schools, people of out jobs and unable to work to do their career. We have others that can't quit working because they are in the frontline of this pandemic and have no choice BUT to be in it.

All of us can help stop the spread by doing our part.

What is our part you ask?


2. -Quit touching your face.

3.-DISTANCE yourself (3ft or more) from others that have been coughing or sneezing.

4. -Unless it's a necessity, please stay in as much as possible.

-5. CLEAN frequently touched surfaces.

These are just the basic common sense strategies to not only keep you, your family and friends safe, but to keep OTHERS from becoming sick as well.


Yes, we can wash our hands, distance ourselves from others, disinfect the poo off of something and still end up getting sick.

Trust me, I worked in healthcare and I used hand sanitizer 30+ times a day, would wipe down my phone and computer with disinfectant wipes after every patient and even wear personal protective gear (gloves, masks, gowns, eyewear) at least 10 times a day doing an assortment of tasks.

I. Still. Got. Sick.

Sure, I was around sick people all day, it seems inevitable, right?

Want to know what else I WASN'T doing to stay healthy and safe from getting sick?


I would usually eat a giant cookie from the downstairs coffee bar for breakfast most days, or peanut butter and graham crackers (I see you nurses nodding your heads out there). I ate whatever was fast, easy and convenient.

I worked Monday-Friday, and had to be up at 5:00AM. When I got off work I usually would go straight home, take a nap, eat something (more like see how fast I could eat, even though no one was timing me) and then watch TV. Go to bed. Repeat.

Know what's different about this time around?

We literally have NO excuse for not fueling our bodies with the right nutrition, an adequate amount of sleep, or trying to spend as much time outside as we can when the weather cooperates.

We have been told to stay home and stop going out in overly crowded places.

I often hear the following when I bring up ways to boost your immune system naturally-

1. I can't afford "healthy" foods.

  • -First of all, a bag of dried beans is less than $2 a bag for a whole bag that can feed a family of 6, easily. Veggies? Probably cheapest of all! A bag of frozen spinach is around $3 and can be used simply in any dish or smoothie. Fresh is best, but frozen is better than nothing.

  • People are worried about their produce going bad, so they end up not purchasing any at all. There are MULTIPLE ways to learn how to make your groceries last longer (follow me on instagram @kmbergeron for more tips and ideas over the following weeks).

2. I can't work out, my gym closed/the weather has been bad.

  • Worst excuse of all time. Trust me. I'm a Mom of 2 (3 yr old and 15 month old) and if I can get a workout in at home, so can you!

  • When I put away the laundry, I do lunges back and forth from the washer and dryer to our rooms as I'm putting them away. Sometimes I even stop and do push-ups in between.

  • NO weights? I'm sure you have two cans or two water bottles you have been hoarding that will put themselves to good use until you need them. ;)

3. There's no cure for coronavirus, I'm just going to spray everything with Lysol.

  • True, there is no cure. I'm not saying all the vitamins, supplements, health foods and remedies are going to make you immune or are going to cure COVID-19, what I AM saying is that these things CAN help.

  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Three things we can find all in foods, and the sunshine even helps our bodies absorb Vitamin D better! Leafy greens, citrus and bone broth. All of these are a step in the right direction.

  • Get outside and in the fresh air when you can. Let your kiddos play in the rain and the dirt. They wash, and they get all that energy out to help with your sanity, too!

  • SLEEP. All those days you were at work and wish you could take a nap? THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. Go to bed earlier, sleep in a little later. Whichever one you want, just do yourself a favor and take advantage of this time to get much needed sleep for your body to recover.

Like I said- I'll be doing daily videos on my IG (@kmbergeron) and Facebook (Chiro Wife Healthy Life) to give you ideas and tips to help your produce last longer and not go to waste.

Be courteous out there people, kindness shows in the smallest ways.

Help each other.

Support each other.

Be there for one another.

Just mentally though, of course ;P

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